The story is in the details

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W​elcome to Trios Salon. We are proud to be Omaha’s premier zero waste hair salon. You can’t miss our beautiful color lab filled with over 500 shades of color from L’Oreal, Redken and Pulp Riot. Our team has access to every shade in the lines we carry in order to customize ​a perfect color for you. Our stations have been designed to give you luxury space that is socially distanced with a view in every direction. Our private shampoo lounge has color accurate lighting so that your colorists can see your tone as they apply and remove your color treatments. We have reduced the water use by 50% with our Eco Heads but you will be impressed with the relaxing water pressure. We recycle all of the components of your services locally including your hair, foils, color tubes and gloves that are used so you can feel great about leaving the planet beautiful. As you have your services done today your stylist will show you the products that will compliment your style at the station. Our retail is placed next to your station so you can make decisions together. Please take a seat at our consultation table under our whimsical cloud of lights. Your stylist will be with you shortly.

Salon Design



Trios is honored to have been named one of Salon Today’s 2021 Salons of the Year!

Designed by award winning New York firm, Millard Kwon, every aspect of Trios Salon was designed with the guest experience in mind.  Upon entering our space, guests feel like they have left Omaha and been transported to a New York City or Los Angeles salon.  Clean lines, a spacious interior and uninterrupted views of the space create an experience second to none in the midwest.

Trios Salon Consultation Banner



Most colorists and stylists work under a type of light that was never intended for use in color-sensitive environments such as salons. Fluorescent, incandescent, or halogen technologies all lack the color accuracy salon professionals need to consistently deliver professional-grade results.  Trios Salon uses color-accurate lighting, giving amazingly clear, clean light.  This shows the complex colors of the hair we work on – as well as the color we are applying – with greater detail. This means more consistent and accurate results for our guests.




When you enter Trios Salon, you will be greeted by our amazing support staff and offered coffee, tea or water.   Your service starts with a consultation every time so your stylist understands your hair goals.  Relax in our shampoo lounge while you receive our famous Trios head massage.  Experience the community of guests and our team as you receive your services in an open, modern space.

Trios Salon Shampoo Lounge



Most salons hide the color bar in the back of the salon.  We placed ours front and center.  We wanted to highlight the process of determining and creating the perfect color for each guest in a very visible way.  Our carefully selected Product Lines are displayed throughout the salon both for our guests and for our team to use when cutting, coloring and styling.  The spacious shampoo area with 17 reclining chairs guarantees no wait when it’s time to rinse color out.

Trios Salon Color Lab over 500 Colors



Our salon enhances productivity by double shifting our stations. We have a symmetrical apple store feel so everyone has equal access to all tools, products, color lab, shampoo rooms, processing areas, computers, and the dispensary to minimize the steps each stylist needs to take each day. We believe in protecting the ergonomics of our team and making sure that they have everything that they need at hand.




We also made a few adjustments during the shutdown including a medical grade UV filter on the HVAC system, touchless faucets, touchless door pulls and touchless payment systems.