A collage of photographs shows various moments including a child with an adult, another child getting a haircut, and a person at a salon with their hair being washed.


Somer’s (her)story is truly inspiring and shows the power of perseverance and self-belief. Despite facing stereotypes and discrimination as a woman, she managed to build her business while also taking care of her growing family. Starting her cosmetology journey as a single mother at the age of 23 she faced limited options. Somer needed to find a way to support Ryan, her five year old daughter and eliminate the need for staying on government assistance. Balancing cosmetology school and working to support the two of them, Somer failed to make ends meet. She had her car repossessed, her credit card balances grew, and the bank accounts became overdrawn.

Amid these challenges, Somer found her passion and support in the beauty community. Educators, administrators, salon owners and peers guided her personally and professionally to improve her skills in leadership, conflict resolution and communication. Once she could put her talents to work on guests behind the chair, Somer found a way out of the financial mess she had created through hard work. She saw a path to abundance and shared everything she learned with those around her. It was in this transformation that Somer discovered her passion for education and mentoring others.

Somer grew her personal business behind the chair and began mentoring new graduates as they entered the industry. The fulfillment of helping others achieve their dreams motivated Somer and her husband to begin Trios Salon in 2005. With their young daughters and toddler son watching, Somer took a leap of faith to establish a salon where aspiring stylists could grow alongside her.

Launching an employee-based cosmetology salon with no startup money, only two employees and three small children with another due any day was a tremendous risk for Somer and her family. Slowly training one employee at a time, Somer was able to build a team of stylists for Trios. There was a great deal of trial and error because there wasn’t a business book on how to be a successful salon owner. Every dollar earned was reinvested in the business to support wages and expenses resulting in financial strain for the family.

A person is washing the hair of another person, who is seated in a salon chair, both smiling. The scene takes place in a salon with a glass block wall in the background.
A bride wearing a veil and tiara poses for a photo with two young girls in white dresses, one smiling broadly and the other wearing glasses.
A woman with short hair smiles while leaning down to hug a young girl with long hair. Both are wearing dark clothing and posing in an indoor setting.

After finding a financial, coaching and tracking system, they successfully expanded the nine-chair salon to a thirteen-chair salon. By training and educating graduates from the local cosmetology schools, they developed an award winning culture as recognized by Entrepreneur magazine. Trios then outgrew the thirteen-chair salon and decided to build a dream salon solely dedicated to hair services leading to the expansion of Trios Salon to 27 stations. As a result, Trios became the largest hair only salon in Omaha Nebraska.

Somer and her husband now have six children who have witnessed every moment of this journey. They know the rewards and struggles of being small business owners, mentors and leaders. They have celebrated milestones and witnessed the flowing tears. While homeschooling, they have involved their children in dreaming and innovating, as well as in serving, cleaning and making repairs, to provide them with an education beyond textbooks.

Ryan, who witnessed her mother’s unwavering commitment to success from a young age, learned invaluable lessons in resilience and entrepreneurship. Since 2015, the mother-daughter duo have worked side by side, transforming their struggles into success by growing Trios Salon once again to a 52-chair luxury salon brand that is recognized as the Best in Omaha. Ryan’s exceptional communication skills and attentiveness greatly enhance the guest experience and support the salon team. She has a special ability for recognizing the beauty in others and inspiring them to reach their full potential. Together, Somer and Ryan have a shared vision of empowering others in the beauty industry.

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Jasmyn worked for several years serving the team and guests at Trios Salon before she and her husband launched Amateur Coffee, Omaha’s dreamy little vegan coffee parlor, and specialty roasting company with a powerful zero-waste initiative. Jasmyn is enthusiastic about art and design. Her homeschool senior project was to design a business plan and marketing strategy for any business she wanted. Serendipitously, she chose a coffee shop. They opened their shop “out of crazy love for our industry and our community with less than ideal equipment because we ran out of money. We just had to make it work.” She is a brilliant entrepreneur and has a deep passion for activism, aiming to leave the world better than she found it.

The beauty industry changes quickly. Somer had been tirelessly training new graduates at Trios who had been hired from local cosmetology schools after the pandemic. She realized that in order for the industry to evolve to keep up with the ever-changing trends and create safe spaces for people we needed to start by focusing on the education of students from day one. SOHO Hair Academy was a vision for the future where new leaders for the Beauty Industry would encounter masterclass educators who deliver education beyond the Historical State Board curriculum and bring an unprecedented level of modern business acumen to inspire a new generation of beauty professionals. Somer and Ryan are prioritizing creating a safe space for students.

Women like Somer, Ryan, Jasmyn, and their families exemplify the true essence of perseverance, resilience, and empowerment. Their journey from overcoming personal challenges to creating thriving businesses that not only excel in their industries but also make a positive impact on their communities is a true testament to the strength and vision of women everywhere. As they continue to inspire others with their stories and achievements, they pave the way for endless possibilities, empowering women to dream big, work hard, and create a lasting legacy of hope, growth, and empowerment.