Trios Salon
Designed by Millard Kwon

3 Salon Owners Describe the Impact that Millard Kwon Design Renovations Had On Their Businesses.

At Redken Symposium 2017, Millard Kwon Design presented new collections and services for salons to revamp their interior designs, whether by adding a few new elements or undergoing a complete makeover. 

The brand launched the Millard Collection, ideal for salons that are not looking to tackle a full renovation, but rather want to make improvements on their own and in stages. Individual pieces of salon furniture are available to purchase online at and will be delivered to salons in six to eight weeks. Every piece is built in the USA by the same cabinetmaker that Millard Kwon uses on its high-end renovation projects, including the Redken 5th Avenue store. Millard Collection has four lines, each with a very different style, so that salon owners can find a design that suits their space. 

Additionally, salon owners that buy from the Millard Collection, can add a “design service” package to their cart for an additional fee of $2,000. When this option is selected, owners email photos of their salon and current floor plan along with a “wish list” and some inspiration pictures to Millard Kwon designers. They then create a full design plan for the salon space, including a floor plan, paint suggestions, flooring suggestions, specific furniture and lighting options, etc. It is a full Millard design consultation, done via email and entirely customized for each salon. 

For those salons looking for a complete and hands-on custom renovation, Millard Kwon design will plan and execute a total remodel. Examples of Millard Kwon work can be seen in the L’Oreal salons and flagship locations across the U.S. A Millard Kwon Design renovation will include an in-person consultation at the salon, floor plan, design presentation, complete set of architectural drawings, custom cabinet drawings created to meet the salon’s needs, and close guidance throughout the process.

These services and collections were outlined at Millard Kwon Design class taught at Redken Symposium, titled The Redken Loft. Several past renovations were profiled and the class covered the techniques and tools used to complete the redesign, as well as a focus on what effect the renovation had on the salons’ businesses. 

The Redken Loft class profiled three salons:

1. Heath Hair in Heath, Texas. Owned by Jauna French and renovated in 2009, the salon’s sales have doubled in the years since the renovation. French has gone from $1.3 million in sales to $2.6 million. She has hired Millard Kwon Design to help her expand her business again, and her new goal is $3.5 to $4 million in sales.

2. Salon Biyoshi in Knoxville, Tennessee. Owned by Brandon Harris and David Watkins and renovated in 2012, Salon Biyoshi’s sales have gone from $900,000 to $1.9 million. Harris and Watkins think they will hit the $2 million mark next year and are planning on expanding their salon this year, with the help of Millard Kwon Design. 

3. Trios Salon in Omaha, Nebraska. Owned by Somer Krueger and renovated in 2014, Trios Salon doubled its business in two years. Krueger went from $900,000 in annual sales to almost $2 million. She is now considering opening a second location, although she hasn’t found the perfect spot yet.