Welcome to Trios!

Trios Salon was opened in 2005 with a passion for serving guests and growing designers. We are focused on the technology of trendy cuts, modern color and maintaining the integrity and condition of your hair. We have an Elite relationship with Redken 5th Ave and Pureology to ensure the highest level of products used in the salon and at home. This relationship allows us access to current information and education that results in a great hair services.

Trios staff of designers has always believed in working together as a team to provide a level of service that exceeds your expectations. We take pride in having a warm and welcome environment. We want your experience to be stress free and efficient. It is truly our honor and privilege to serve you as our guest.

We are sure you will be impressed with the service, products and love that we share for what we do.

Thank you for putting your trust in us,

Somer and Jeff Krueger

Guest Reviews

“I am a college student on a budget so normally I wouldn't get a haircut above $30. But the salon was offering a $20 off for first timers so I had an appointment with a Level 4 stylist (the most experienced stylist, which normally costs $47 for a cut). The staff were all very friendly and accommodating. The stylist consulted with me first about my routines and problems and then suggested particular haircuts. I liked how she suggested a haircut for my face shape and hair problems rather than saying they don't know and leaving it up to me. She took her time on my hair and was very detailed. I got a layered haircut. She styled it at the end as well. By far the best haircut I've had in Omaha.”

Ami D.

“Great discount for new customers and top-notch service. My stylist Jackie was so patient with me, explaining each step of the process and helping to guide my style plans without telling me what to do. I was SO pleased with my haircut. She styled it in a way that reflected what I would be able/willing to do myself. It was also great just talking with her. The head massage was also wonderful! This is definitely a pricier option (and they push for that second appointment!) but you get your money's worth.”


“I am new to Omaha and my friend referred me to this salon because I was in dire need of a haircut. I went to Catrina and she was more than excellent. I'm not sure if my favorite part was the head massage while shampooing/conditioning or the easy-going conversation I had with her. I was very impressed with the quality of the cut and the knowledge Catrina had about the product she was using and recommending me to use. I would recommend this salon to everyone! “AMAZING!”


“I recently moved back to Omaha and have been in for a cut with Alli at Trios twice now and I couldn't be happier. I was sad and worried to be leaving my long time designer in K.C., but even after the first cut with Alli, I was thrilled. She not only cuts great, but is also very knowledgeable about styling products and is more than willing to show you easy steps to make sure you can style your hair the way she does it, or in any other style you're going for. A great, easy-going, friendly, clean salon. 5-stars and I'll be going back for color soon.”


“Friendly staff and a really nice place with reasonable prices. Check out their website for some sweet specials going on (currently $25 off any service or cut and color for $50!). They also give referral discounts for sending in new clients which I love (it's like being rewarded to tell people about my amazing new stylist, which I would've done anyway)."


I haven't seen the second location yet, but I'm sure it will be equally as nice as the first place, if not more so. I've never been excited to get my hair done before until I found my current stylist here. Now I can't wait to go back :)”

A. L.

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Bioelements - All Things Pure Skin Care line!!!! Thanks, Somer!!”

Amy R.

“Lyndee Keen is the bomb-diggidy.”

Maggie W.

“Darrica is the best!!”

Kayla L

“My fav is the Redken all soft shampoo/conditioner! I have super eighties, fizzy, coarse hair and it cuts my time in half when I straighten everyday! Lifesaver!”

Brooke O.

“My favorite is Redken Color Extend shampoo & conditioner, it keeps my red from fading....or is it Anti Snap with its awesome conditioning power...ohhhhh the decisions!”

Nichole V

“I love Redken color extend, because it really helps keep my dark brown color from fading so much, since I'm naturally a blonde, plus not to mention the awesome job that Carmie does. Thanks to her I found myself, when I switched from blonde to brunette !!”

Regina W.

“Pureology TextureTwist! It's by far the best paste I have ever come across. Not stiff and waxy like most. I love the hold and the fact that I can reshape it throughout the day. And you can still run your fingers through your hair and it makes it softer! Awesome product!”

Dani H.

“I LOVE THE Redken straightener Align 12. Ashley Scheer turned me on to it and it's great!”

Mary C.

“My favorite is the Redken Guts. It works great for my fine, but long and heavy, curly hair! I also enjoy the Redken smooth shampoo and conditioner. It really softens my hair!”

Melissa R

“Ashley is AMAZING!!! She is creative and so nice. I never have to worry about a bad cut. She knows what will look good on me and i get compliments on my hair ALL THE TIME! LOVE HER!!”

Sadie M.

“Cassidy has ALWAYS been the stylist for me.... From Fringe to Fab... She knows exactly what looks good and even gives me grace when I have a hair foul.... I love the opportunity to refer new friends to her. Thanks @Cassidy Olson for all your awesome styles, colors, cuts, stories, time, and energy over the last several years! You've been a total blessing. A special thanks, from me, to Somer, Alli, and Ashley Lyn for helping when Cassidy wasn't available. I can't say that I've ever been disappointed leaving your salon.”

Krissy L.

“I went to Trios last night for the first time and worked with Darrica. She was very technical and did an AMAZING job of talking over all my options before she even shampooed my hair. She listened to understand the look I was going for. While shampooing she gave a scalp massage that I was not expecting but it was very nice and she really took her time to ensure my cut was done with perfect quality. My favorite part was when Darrica was styling my hair, she really took the time to show me what to do and gave me great tips! The price was great, the specials are even better. I will go back.”


“Ashley Scheer (BRUNING) did THE best best best! I've never had someone know exactly what to do and what looks great on me! I trust whatever she does because she is AMAZING!”

Jodi R.

“Ashley Lyn is the bomb dot com! I just got to spend my Saturday morning with her and I look super foxy! :) She's so passionate, so honest, and really takes the time to help demo styling techniques and chat about projects. Such a great person and a phenomenal stylist!”

Lisa M.

“I came all the way from Chicago weary of getting my hair done while on vacation, but I feel guilty getting my hair done at home now instead of by Carmie. She is one in a million. Her smile is reassuring and I have put all of my confidence in her! She even did my boyfriend's hair a couple days ago and it looks better than any of our usual stylists in Chicago have done. I love Carmie. I adore her personality, her technique and her style!! No one can match up to her. Ever. :) love you girrrl!”

Maci P.

“This is for Cassidy, been going to her for about six years now and she the only one that i allow to cut my hair! I know its soo difficult to cut my hair but she is the BEST stylist out there! I won't let anybody cut my hair! she is the BEST at what she does, so basically what im saying is Cassidy is the STUFF!”

James S.

“Ashley Lynn is the best of the best! She always make me feel and look beautiful! Love to the best stylist in town!”

Shon M.

“Carmie makes me look like the hot mama I know I am! Her energy is the best and I always look forward to seeing her!”

Stacey W.

“Jackie is by far the best! No matter how busy she is, she makes sure to give the best scalp massage ever and won't let u leave until every hair is perfect. My 2 sisters and I love Jackie.”

Katrina C

“I like Jackie the best! She is the only person I will have do my hair anymore and I can't wait for my next appointment.”

Carmen H.

“I just wanted to give ALLI KEEN a shout out!!!! She is my Friend and Stylist and did my hair before my California trip and I keep getting compliments on her AWESOME work!!! Thanks again Alli!!”

Robin G.

“Love Ashley Lyn!!! Best hair stylist ever! I also love Ashley Sheer as well! They do a great job!”

Kendra B.

“Here's to Jackie! Great personality and she's always sweet and energetic! She also has the confidence of a great stylist! Thanks, Jackie!”

Krystal D.

“Shout out to Ashley S! LOOOOVE the new cut! ....and a Shout out to Jackie for the little Banner-Boy! He loves his fav hair stylist!”

Deanna U.

“Carmie is the best! She always does an awesome job and has grown in many ways over the years. So proud of Carmie! She's been my 1 & only stylist from day one when the salon first opened.”

Regina W

“Ashley Lynn rocks the house! She is funny, knows my style and does a great job every time I see her. Love ya!”

Stephanie K.

“Love you all! Jackie rocks but so does Ashley, Ashley, Lindee, Carmie, Somer, Cassidy and Catrina!”

Kathleen K.

“Love you all, but Somer... you're pretty amazing!”

Courtney H.

“Lyndee is the best! Great cut and style! Lots of compliments. Thanks!!! Great stylist to visit with also.”

Suzanne B

“Congrats Lyndee! You give an awesome head massage and you did a great job on my brows!”

Nichole E.

“I saw Lyndee last time i was there, and she was soooo great!! She definitely does a fantastic job. I have gotten lots of compliments on my haircut!”

Amanda P.

“Leah was a fantastic "New Talent" stylist... she got me in at the last minute a couple weeks ago and jumped right in where Cassidy had been:-)”

Krisy L

“My skin looks amazing this morning. Thanks Larisa!!!”

Melissa C.

“Larisa... you are amazing. I truly enjoyed the relaxation of my facial today. It was just what I needed.”

Helene F.

“If you want the best facial of your life, go see Larisa at Trio's Salon. She is AWESOME! The facial was so relaxing, I was actually asleep through part of it! :)”

Katrina D.

“Okay Somer Girl ---- The Facial was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Larisa is AMAZING. I love the Spa area in the new salon.”

Toni H.

“Connor looks sooo good! Carmie did a wonderful job! Perfect way to start 4th grade! THANKS!”

Jen M.

“The new "back to school" cut is a hit! I got LOTS of compliments today! You are the BEST!!! :)”

Katrina D.

“Cassidy, Thanks for an excellent evening! The new salon is great!”

Jessica Q.

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